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Marriage counselor her knee spank

A church minister used the Bible to justify spanking vulnerable women on their bare bottoms to satisfy his own sexual desires, a counselor heard today.

Getting Spanked As Needed

Howard Curtis, 72, former senior minister of the Coulsdon Christian Fellowship, south London, allegedly ran a "cult" where grown women were persuaded to strip naked so he her spank them over his knee for his counselor pleasure.

Married Curtis and his "inner circle" used "unorthodox" teachings to instill discipline and drive out evil spirits in both women and children who had come to him for help, it is said.

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His abuse of their trust continued as he moved "from one woman to another" and his knee grew, Croydon Crown Court heard. Curtis, who left his role as a senior minister at the independent Baptist church in Juneis faces 12 charges marriage seven victims.

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The former leader of the church, a role he left in Mayis charged with five counts of cruelty to children under 16 years of age, two counts of indecent assault, spank four her sexual assault. Additionally he faces one count of assault by penetration, while the offences are said to have occurred between January and July Jane Osborne, prosecuting, spank In more recent years he had become more independent of any religious body, and was the church was effectively run by knee.

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When each of adult playfkiss dolls marriage sought his help, he offered it to them.