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Pantyhose live in the Caribbean and I'm going to vegas on Blog x amateur 2, I have a very limited amount of winter clothing, mostly pants and pantyhose which I wear when I go home to Canada.

However, I would like to wear dresses when in Vegas and have not worn pantyhose or stockings in a donkey's age! Will I look stupid in bare legs in the casino's, theatres and restaurants? Obviously if it is cold outside I will dress appropriately while outside but inside are bare legs ok?

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I don't know anyone under 30 or 35 who wears pantyhose anymore, but that may be a regional thing. In winter, opaque pantyhose are ok but never pantyhose, and I see bare legs even at work, not just out at night.

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Personally I never liked the look of them anyway Pantyhose all my trips to Vegas I have seen all manner of dress pantyhose not weaaring panyhose will not make you stupid pantyhose all.

I rarely jess sex vid out pantyhose anymore I did wear tights a couple times in Vegas but the outfits called for them. Well, now I feel old! I wear tights or pantyhose because I get cold without them but it's up to the individual.

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