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Lucy lawless renee o conner nude scene

An Interview with Renee O'Connor - IGN

The show started after a guest appearance by Lawless on Hercules: The Legendary Journeysand it quickly grew in popularity to warrant its own show. The show had immediate appeal to both sexes. Men liked it for the obvious reasons, and some even enjoyed the storylines. Women liked it because they got to see some real girl power as Xena and Gabrielle kicked ass and live glory hole bother to take names.

Xena: Warrior Princess NUDE scene unearthed as star Lucy Lawless celebrates birthday

With the second season, the show began to flirt with a lesbian subtext between the two women, a trend not terribly common among male buddy shows. This only served to raise the show's profile even more. Since the show ended, Renee and Lucy have both made themselves scarce.

That's because both have gone on a new adventure, called motherhood. Renee gave birth to her son in late and despite reports on the IMDb, she has not relocated to New Zealand.