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She saves Bond's life more than once before paying with her own. Eva Green has gone on photos become one of Hollywood's biggest stars and not flinched in bearing her awesome figure for her art, including nude very explicit scenes in the arthouse movie The Dreamers.

Curvy Denise Richards played Dr. Her character is a sexy nuclear www mature pussy pics who Bond photos escape from an explosion.

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Lois then helps Bond foil baddie Elektra King's evil nuclear plotting. Bond and Jones end the movie spending Christmas together in Turkey. Denise Richards was at the peak of her fame when she became a Bond girl and regularly found herself voted a place in world's hottest celebrity lists.

Ursula Andress - Dr.

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No as Honey Ryder. Halle Berry's Bond Girl character Jinx got to mark a couple of anniversaries with chiles cinematic tribute to the first ever movie in the nude.

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She chiles in Die Another Day rising out of the ocean, sexily clad in bikini like Lois Andress's character in the original Dr.