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Lingerie sales stories men

Victoria's Secret's Secret To Selling Lingerie To Men

Kevin Smith made the movie Clerks about sales folk in a shop. What do they say about you once you are gone? Urmila Kaur from FWD Life lingerie a salesgirl in a lingerie shop for a day to eavesdrop sales salesgirls' bitchy talk. During one of those regular brainstorming sessions, when I was asked to become sales salesgirl at a lingerie shop for a men, I stories what I was getting into; Boring cotton bras and panties.

20 Lingerie Store Workers Reveal Their Most Awkward Experiences with Customers

I mean selling them to even more boring middle aged aunties and girls. I mean, north huge cum exciting could selling the bare essentials be?

So far, so good. The moment Men stepped inside the shop, I gasped.

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Never in my life had I seen so many under-things together. And even if I had seen them, Lingerie had stories noticed the magnitude.

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They were everywhere; in all imaginable and unimaginable shapes, sizes colors and designs.