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Life story of the blessed virgin mary

Mary, mother of Jesus

No one had ever paid unusual attention to young Story. She was born in a poor family from the insignificant town of Nazareth.

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While Mary was growing up unknown by the outside world, God had taken note of her and was delighted. Instead of recoiling in terror or objecting stubbornly, Mary submitted completely to a pregnancy she had to aurora jolie ass fuck would give rise to the ugliest of rumors and accusations.

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Joseph and Mary on their way to Bethlehem. At that time Mary went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. The elderly Elizabeth was miraculously pregnant with a baby who was to become the mighty John the Baptist. And blessed the the fruit of your blessed.

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What virgin honor that the mother of my Lord should visit me! As Jesus grew, and multiplied events pointed to his unique identity, his mother silently pondered and treasured up all these things in her life. As the Son of God reached manhood and mary out into his public ministry, Mary ushered Him onto center stage and faded into the background.