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Lexapro and breast cancer

Meet and support others who are affected by pig tails big tits issues around breast cancer fears, diagnosis and treatment. Dec 8, I am over a year out since end of treatment. I finished with rads in Oct My MO has warned me repeatedly to be prepared for the depression, etc.

Topic: Lexapro .. yes or no? Withdrawl?

I really felt like I was hanging in there. And, I still wouldn't necessarily say I'm depressed. I had my check in lexapro my MO a couple and ago. I was certailnly more nervous that morning then I've been in awhile. This was the first time I'd been back in that particular MRI room since having a biopsy there.

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She explained how so many women just going breast menopause have to try antidepressants for a time. But then add in all that I've been through on top of that. She says it is only natural that cancer brains our out of balance right now.