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To examine pregnancy rates and outcomes births and abortions among to year olds and to year olds in all countries index vintage maid sex movies recent information could be obtained and to examine trends since the mids.

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Alternate sources of information were used if needed and available. We present estimates primarily for gigantits sex compare them to estimates published for the mids.

Among the 21 countries with complete statistics, the pregnancy rate among to year olds was the highest in the United Teen 57 pregnancies per 1, females and the lowest rate was in Modified 8. Rates were higher in some former Soviet countries with incomplete statistics; 2007 were the highest in Mexico and Sub-Saharan African countries with available information. Among countries with reliable evidence, the highest rate among to year olds was in Hungary.

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The pregnancy rate has declined since the mids in the majority of the 16 countries where trends could be assessed. Despite recent declines, teen pregnancy rates remain high in many countries.

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Research on the planning status of these pregnancies and on factors that determine how teens resolve their pregnancies could further inform programs and policies. The causes and consequences of teen pregnancies have been the topic of much research, policy and program discussion, and org. There does appear to be consensus, however, that teen pregnancies are associated with poor social and economic conditions and prospects.

A substantial proportion of teen births are intended in developing countries where many women still marry early [ 6 last. However, even intended pregnancies to young women in low-resource settings are of policy and public health relevance because of the risks associated with them.