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Lake tahoe nude

The beach is popular with a mix of people including families, lake, singles alike. Access to the beach requires some walking but is not difficult. Parking is at times difficult to find since most of highway 28 is a no parking zone.

Secret Cove Nevada

Nude parking lot near chimney beach is your lake bet if there lake spaces available. There nude signs on the trail to indicate when to turn to head down towards the water. At the turn off to Secret cove, there are toilets. The walk from the parking lot to the beach is maybe tahoe minutes.

Amazing clothing optional beach at Lake... - Secret Cove Beach

The beach itself is beautiful. It is a natural cove lined by large boulders.

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The sand is fine and people tend to find spots on the sand between the boulders. There are also large sunning boulders in the water where you can walk out to and climb onto.

Dilligas Saloon

People at nude beach are very friendly tahoe keep the beach very clean. We saw minimal trash there. About everyone at the beach was nude.