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Ladies peeing standing up

When I was in 6th grade, I met a girl named Emily who claimed she could write ladies name standing the snow with her pee.

I didn't believe her. She totally proved me wrong. Yes girls can totally pee while standing up, but most prefer not to. Bathroom procedure and subsequent peeing habits are typically something that most people don't or rarely deviate from.

There are exceptions to the rule:. Lamune hentai that anything peeing man can do, a lady can probably do too.

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Perhaps not as fluidly pun partially meant considering the topicbut she can do it if she must. Practicality, habit, convention, swinger loader for sale hygiene may dictate a preferred method, but it's not the only method. Of course girls can pee standing up. If wearing a skirt or shorts all they have to do is pull their panties to the side and spread their legs appropriately.