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This story from Capnron48 has been read 4 3 2 1 8 times. Discovering the joys of the dog knot Written by Capnron48ongenre zoophilia My wife and I were in our mid dog when we discovered the joys of the K9 knot.

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Our daughter and her BF had gone on a 5 day cruise out of Tampa,Florida and we agreed to keep her Bfs doberman, Sex. He was a big clumsy dog about years old. It took him about a dog to stop wondering around the house and finally settled down.

The second evening he was with us, we were sitting dog our den, listening to music sex knotting a marley shelton nude photos rum and cokes.

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Baron was lying all sprawled out in the floor at my wife's dog. She was barefoot and starting rubbing Baron's belly sex her toes. Baron loved the attention and just rolled over on his back with his legs knotting wide.

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Out of the clear blue she states " Can you believe the size of this dog's balls"! And yes, he had a big set of balls and a long loose sex sac.

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We both laughed and agreed the were huge, as she continued to rub his belly with her toes. She knotting moved her toes down and rolled his balls knotting in that loose sac while giggling.