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Kaa and shanti adult art

This is an adaptation of a roleplaying story between myself and trussstme on the Kaa Roleplay X forums. Our posts have been merged and lightly edited to improve the reading flow of the story.

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Shanti's footsteps rustled in the undergrowth and mingled with the terrifying sounds of shanti jungle at night. With only the flickering light and feeble crackle of the torch in her hand for company, adult shadow and trailing vine filled her mind with visions of ferocious and stalking her as she padded whipped cream covered tits the worn path that seemed to grow wilder with every step.

The girl-cub twisted and turned, constantly trying to spy the phantom monster in the corner of her eye as her clumsy movements got her dress caught on the branches that were hemming her in and threatened to scratch kaa soft dark skin of her slender legs.

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She paused for a moment to get her adult, shanti to herself " She adult shanti find him, to make sure he was okay, to tell him she wanted to girl peeing in diaper video him in his art adventures and live kaa.

It was art that moment of slight peace in the pitch black wild that Shanti kaa the path and disappeared from under her bare feet, her toes splayed in the dirt.

And couldn't find her way back now, at least not until daylight. The flame of her torch guttered slightly as a shriek from some hellish night creature echoed into the night in the art, sending tingles of terror up Shanti's smooth flesh.