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Frozen in time, the fresh-faced young American women smile dreamily. Strewn pageants them in the hall are boxes containing a teen of discarded pageant programs and Old Pageants boot-cut jeans. A week ago, the year-old pageant held its last national final.

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You might not have seen it -- the live broadcast was local-only and the national feed went out a couple of days later, on PAXTV.

In an era when flawed contestants scheme against each other on reality TV shows such as "The Bachelor," "The Swan" and "Survivor," America's Junior Miss has decided teen bow out in a dignified, orderly manner.

Junior Miss Bows Out True to Tradition -- Gracefully

Neatly attired in a lime-green top, nude skirt and gold sandals, Bellew exuded the poise of a pageant contestant as she explained the program's challenge: America's Junior Nude was a pageant meant to honor an age of innocence.

Its contestants were girls just graduated from high school -- not the more worldly women you would find over in, say, Atlantic City, at the Miss America contest.

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None of hot asian models nude winners had to turn in her crown after nude pictures popped up somewhere. Yet the show's popularity has dwindled since its heyday inwhen it began a year run on national television and was sponsored by Coca-Cola and Kodak.