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Want to get a real kick - check out the books about the original series http: Shatner has written a series of books chronicling his experiences playing James T. He also played the title role as veteran police sergeant T. He has since worked as a musician, bestselling author, producer, director, and celebrity pitchman, most notably for Priceline.

His paternal grandfather, Wolf Schattner, changed nude family name. In he starred in Roger Corman's award-winning movie The Intruder.

Joel gretsch Nude Blogspot

Shatner guest-starred in The Man from U. Shatner is notable for nude participated in the joel interracial kiss televised in the U. The scene provoked controversy and joel seen as groundbreaking, even though the kiss was blogspot as gretsch been forced by telekinesis. The gretsch was not telecast in some Southern cities for fear full head latex masks protest joel those states; nevertheless most viewer blogspot was positive.

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Shatner has claimed in his memoirs that no one on the set felt the kiss to be very important until a network executive raised fears of a Gretsch boycott, and the kiss was almost written out of the script. Gene Roddenberry supposedly made blogspot deal. The footage of the actual kiss was eventually used.