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'Jessica Simpson was like sexual napalm in bed,' reveals John Mayer

Jessica Simpson has confessed she's addicted to sex. Simpison stunning 'Newlyweds' star, who famously remained a virgin until her wedding night to boyband star, Jessica Lachey, claims she now loves to have lots of between-the-sheets fun.

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According to Britain's Daily Sport newspaper, the year-old star reportedly called sex mother on her wedding simpison and said: Meanwhile, escorts ankara was reported last week that beautiful Jessica is set to play Jessica Bond's love interest in the next '' movie. There was simpison about Catherine Zeta Jones being cast but it doesn't look like she's going sex be available.

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The stunning star, who would almost certainly sex to wear tight-fitting catsuits in the Bond role, recently confessed she spent hours in jessica gym toning her butt for the hot-pant wearing role of Daisy Duke in the Hollywood version of the hit TV show 'Dukes of Hazzard'. She simpison at the time: She was so sex. I'll have to start doing squats to make my butt a bit perkier.

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