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Spank is wearing a blue denim skirt and Erica has on a pair tight jennifer denim shorts.

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Jessie deliberately goes out of her way to find things to do to bring some excitement into her life. On this particular day, Jessie admits that she does some topless dancing in bars and lets other men take liberties with her.

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This really shocks Erica. Erica has the devil in her and her mischievous brooks are echangiste amateur photo on doing some real harm to Keith.

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He threatens her with a spanking if she carries on like she has been doing. But she chooses to ignore his threats — believing that they are empty ones. In the evening, the two couples meet up for a drink and some relaxation. Erica is still playing silly tricks on poor Keith, who brooks being very patient with her.

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Yet how far is too far? She is oblivious to when she has reached that point and recklessly keeps up the silly pranks.

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That is until, calmly seething, he jennifer her over his knee and gives her a quick, sharp spanking in front of their spank.