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Jamie pitts an adult film

By Daily Mail Australia Reporter. But the year-old sportsman will have some extra temptation adult his way soon, as a seriously sexy intruder is set to move into the Sydney mansion.

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Adult Mail Australia can reveal that Pitts Dayz - a porn-loving, part-time topless model - will soon be appearing on the Network Ten dating show. Watch out, Nick Cummins! Porn-loving topless model Jamie-Lee Dayz pictured is set to shake up the Bachelor mansion as a sexy intruder. The busty brunette, who will be competition with the likes of Cassandra Wood and Brittany Hockley, is certainly not shy when it comes to making an entrance.

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And it appears she instantly hits it film with Nick, with photos from her first day on jamie showing the former Wallaby carrying her in his arms while on a group date.

Away from her day job in hospitality, Jamie-Lee also has a background in topless modelling, having shared several racy photos big asian tits sex herself to Pitts between and Photos from Jamie-Lee's first day on set show Nick carrying her in his arms during a group date.

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In one photo, Jamie is seen reclining on a sofa exposing her breasts. In one photo, Jamie-Lee is seen reclining jamie a sofa exposing her breasts while wearing nothing but an open denim jacket.

Lucky Honey Badger! Porn-loving topless model Jamie-Lee set to shake up The Bachelor as intruder

Another picture shows her topless and concealing her bare breasts with her film while wearing nothing but an unfastened leotard. Jamie-Lee is also the owner of an active and not-safe-for-work Tumblr blog. The account is mostly dedicated to sharing erotic images of naked women, and also features pornographic images of couples engaging in sexual acts.