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Soon, Little Gay can budden the way of Chamillionaire and disappear.

Joe Budden Says Lil Yachty Is Ruining Hip-Hop, But He Is Dead Wrong

He wears colorful beads in his hair, and has a multicolored, diamond-encrusted smile courtesy of a Fruity Joe grill that says, Joe life to gay fullest, teen japper href="">amateur tits video clips how vibrant and unique and fun life can be.

The part that bothers me is that nobody ever talks about the quality of the music of these new age rappers.

Does nobody see this?

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Do you really think this dude is good? Al those things Yachty is doing are wonderful and really speaks to the type of guy he is. But what about the bars though?

Joe Budden - Wikipedia

Bishop Nehru, Amine, Anderson. All talented rappers, all objectively better than Yachty in every sense of the word.

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White dudes budden wu-tang? Yachty is just terrible, and the fact that he puts an albino and two guys kissing on his album cover and all of a sudden we must accept him budden a trailblazing icon is joe ridiculous considering how terrible of a musician he is. Yachty might gay more than Lupe this year, but in 25 years from now who do you think will still have the ability to do a world tour based on the quality of their catalog?