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When a woman has an orgasm, her heart rate, breathing and blood pressure increase. A small number of women ejaculate when they orgasm, where a clear fluid spurts from remember glands close to the urethra tube trough which you pass water. Orgasms are often followed by info feeling of relaxation.

Are You Holding Yourself Back From Orgasm?

However, it is important to remember that orgasms are very personal things, how they feel and how they happen varies greatly between women. They may not be an earth-moving experience for everyone and they may not happen every time a woman has sex. So foreplay is important.

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Problems with orgasm include never having an orgasm, infrequent orgasms, delayed orgasms and a reduction in the strength of orgasmic sensations.

Orgasms may also be painful.

Everything you need to know about orgasms

A problem with orgasm may personal always been there or it may have developed later in life. Orgasm problems have been associated with a number of physical and psychological factors. Physical orgasm relate to the womans, while psychological factors relate to the mind.