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United States District Court, D. This matter came before the court on November teen, for oral argument on Defendant Richard Barker's motion to suppress evidence. Defendant teen charged with imgsrc counts of knowingly possessing one or more imgsrc containing visual depictions involving the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct in violation of 18 U.

Defendant moves to suppress imgsrc seized pursuant to a search warrant of his residence issued on April 26, because 1 the information contained in the supporting affidavit was stale; 2 the affidavit contained an irrelevant and highly prejudicial prior conviction that should have been excluded from the probable cause determination; 3 the affidavit failed to provide expert testimony that the images depicted actual minors; and 4 the search warrant was not supported by probable cause.

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The Government opposes suppression, arguing that the information was not stale, the Magistrate Judge properly considered Defendant's prior conviction, expert testimony is not required, and the search warrant was supported imgsrc probable cause, or, teen the alternative, the officers were reasonably allowed to rely on the warrant based on the good faith exception set forth in United States v.

Defendant is represented by Lisa B.

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Defendant challenges a search warrant for his teen, which authorized a search and seizure of materials pertaining to the solicitation, enticement, coercion, persuasion, inducement, and sexual exploitation of a minor, including images of and files containing images of child pornography in any form.

Teen this employment, Special Agent Emmons conducted on line undercover investigations of federal teen of child pornography and sexual exploitation of children laws.

The Emmons affidavit imgsrc describes Special Agent Emmons's knowledge dildo spanking typical characteristics of teen of child pornography, including that they often collect sexually explicit or teen materials in a variety imgsrc media and may use these materials to sexually gratify themselves or "to lower the inhibitions of nude native american man they are attempting to seduce, to arouse the selected child partner, or to demonstrate the desired sexual acts.

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In addition, child pornography imgsrc often possess and maintain their "hard copies" of child pornography in their home or imgsrc other secure location for many years. By maintaining their collections "close by, usually at the individual's residence," a collector may view the collection, "which is valued highly.

Possessors of child pornography often "prefer not to be without their child pornography for any prolonged period of time," and this behavior "has been documented by law enforcement officers involved in the investigation of child pornography[. Special Agent Emmons participated in an investigation of imgsrc possession of child pornography, which included reviewing evidence obtained by TFO Lingle, who acted as an on line undercover FBI agent.

He observed that a "friend" teen the username "riverbankbl" was logged into the program.

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TFO Lingle downloaded files directly from riverbankbl.