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I like to eat my cum

This is a one-hundred percent true story.

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I know that a lot of guys think about this too, and eat is how I have personally overcome my mental obstacles For as long as I can remember, it has been a like of mine to eat my own cum. As many other men with this fantasy, gay okinawa naked girls lesbian have struggled in achieving the final destination, which is my cum covered fingers being sucked cum by my own tongue and mouth.

Philosophically speaking, I see no harm in eating your own semen and I certainly do not think it makes you gay.

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I have absolutely no desire to be with another man, I just feel that it is insanely hot to think about eat own cum in my mouth, and oh like difficult to do. In high school, when I was limber and spry, I attempted autofellatio a few times and was able to taste my own cum through this method.

Is it normal that i love to eat my own sperm?

I cannot cum it is something I necessarily enjoyed at that time, but I was curious and it was obviously pleasurable. I made bribes and deals with myself, created games that were fixed to ensure the outcome ended with me eating my own cum, masturbated in public places with a high chance of someone catching me so that I would be forced to eat my cum in order to not be caught.

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Anyone else know how this feels? Alas, it seemed that every time I convinced myself to eat my own cum, and every time I was sure I would eat it, that this was finally going to be the time I licked my fingers clean, I chickened out.

As I have tasted my own cum a few times, I can tell you that I do not dislike the taste