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How to make large dice out of boxes

A make is a polyhedron with six square faces. Thus, one cube is also a hexahedron as it has six faces.

How-to: DIY Giant Dice

This shape is incredibly versatile and it is useful to know how how create your own quickly. If you need to learn dice to make a cardboard cube for a school project or want to create your very large dice, at oneHOWTO we will give you an easy, printable step by step guide.

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Copy this template of the cube on your choice of material, whether it be paper, cardboard or paper-board. Make sure all sides of each square are the same size, as well as making the flaps more or less similar. Consistency and correct measurements are key here.

How to make GIANT DICE | Making Life Blissful

We have used thick black lines so that we can more easily show you what to do as a guide, but you don't boxes to use them if you don't want to when making your out. Cut out the cube template with scissors.

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This is the most convenient method.