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How to cum swap

I had an ex that wouldn't taste his come ever or kiss me after I gave a bj and it how was a turn off for me and it put me off giving oral a LOT.

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I don't think she would be too annoyed if its something you don't like, though probably a little disappointed she can't do it again. I have licked it out of her pussy and off her body and she's not even crazy about that.

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More swap anything I have licked it out of my hand. I have told her she could spit it al into my mouth if she would take it but no go.

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I think it's really hot, but obviously not all guys are into it, nor do I expect them to be. If you don't like it, just tell her you're not into it.

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She should respect that how don't like it, just as I'm sure you would if she told you she didn't want to do something. I do it because she literally forces me, and I'm not gay or cum just don't like doing it.

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I've never even considered doing that before or considered that my man would even want to do that I think that'd gross him out. Everybody has been forced to eat swap they hated the taste of as a child I bet your quite happy to let her suck you off bbw on the beach it's been dipped Chill cum mate, be happy you've got a naughty mrs.

I think it's kind of hot.