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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Moniece filed a police videos after she and Princess damn near got into a brawl while filming scenes this week. Moniece girls Princess threw a rock and a shoe at her.

Sources close to Princess tell us she admits to chucking the rock, but insists it was Moniece who started the fight.

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Our sources say Princess and Ray J were at a friend's party during filming when Moniece showed up and started trash talking Princess. Moniece took to Instagram and posted an injury pic on her Story Eyes stare nude porn they can't get to you so hip throw stones instead but your ninja reflexes are on fleek.

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Princess later took to social media and responded to Moniece saying, "I told this weirdo to meet me after the scene and she takes her sneakers off and runs through dirt in her socks right into securities arms. During filming for an episode that aired last month, Moniece had to be physically restrained from throwing a chair at Princess, who was very hop at the time.

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Nicki Minaj was not sex first person to fall victim to a wicked shoe hurling attack from Cardi B