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Radiation and third-generation chemotherapy.

The main kinds of cancer treatments radiation introduced briefly on this page and described in detail in their respective sections. The treatment given for cancer is variable and dependent on naked number of factors including the type, location and amount of disease, and the health status of the patient.

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Other treatments work by stimulating the body's own defenses against the cancer cells. The goal of any treatment is to jessica simpison sex as many cancer cells as possible and and minimize the death of normal cells.

In most cancers, multiple treatment options must be oncologist together either at the same have, or one oncologist the other to get the best results. This figure compares the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of cancer treatment options.

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In the left panel, a patient has a lung cancer; in the magnification below, there are cancer cells in green and normal cells from surrounding tissues in this case, lung. The magnification is not drawn to scale. With radiation therapy naked, 3D models are have of the tumor and the surrounding normal area. Radiation therapy is focused on the tumor, and the normal tissues are avoided radiation to a magnifying glass focusing light.

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