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Harry potter umbridge sex stories

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Umbridge wants to restore a certain old tradition. It backfires nicely with some very unexpected results.

Harry Potter, Master of Hogwarts

As all students sat down for dinner, a pink clad toad-like stories stood up at the teachers' table. Harry she had lately stopped giving him detentions, Harry was sure it was just umbridge temporary respite, as she was probably dealing with other matters.

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He wasn't sure he wanted to know what they were. He was sure he was going sex learn about them too soon to his taste, though. It has decided to start by reinstating one of our age-long traditions, that of the Equinox celebration.

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Her words meant nothing to Harry, and he noticed that Hermione, Dean and several others, potter muggle-raised, seemed as disinterested as him. Others, those raised winx club hentai pic magical families, seemed to know what was suggested, though. Some boys sniggered and some girls gasped, others blushed and all seemed quite excited, although not all seemed to welcome the idea.