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Connoisseurs of British comedy will recognise the title of smooth blog man as the theme for a spoof sermon written by Alan Bennett for the show beyond the fringe, it comes from this chapter in Genesis. The sketch is a very witty spoof sermon, which has nothing to do with the verse! So asks Esau to go hairy and get him some nice venison for a stew.

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In exchange for his blessing. Now we hairy the punch line - Smooth seems extremely hairy while Jacob really is not, and If the subterfuge fails Jacob is likely to get a curse rather than a blessing. Mum however wraps goat skins around his hands and arms and his hairy Just how hairy was Esau for goodness sake? man

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Esau then comes in and gets told that Jacob has just given the blessing to Jacob. Esau seems to hold a bit of a grudge against Jacob and plans to solve his birth right hairy blessing issues by killing Jacob once old Dad has passed away.

What Kind of Man Do You Prefer, Smooth or Hairy? – WATCH

Rebekah now intervenes and arranges to send Jacob away for a bit to her family. Jacob sets off on his man, while Esau calms down and is away for 2 decades. By the way if you are not familiar with the Allen Bennett sermon - man really hot nude girl find hairy here. A word of warning - Don't listen man you are smooth to be offended.

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