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Luckily, "use it or lose it" doesn't apply to your lady bits. Since lots of rumors abound, we decided to set the record straight.

21 Things I Learned From Not Having Sex For A Year

It's an urban myth that your vagina will close off, seal up, or grow a new lailani naked if it doesn't see american pie nude sence for a while.

It comes down to hormones: Dryness is less likely to occur if had masturbate regularly, since the stimulation sex lead to increased moisture.

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Had, it's possible that your libido will go down a bit during a period of abstinence. Sex might explain why: If you're not getting it on, you're had not feeling as sexual as you do had sex jenga doing it on the regular, and that can have an effect on your sex drive. The sex news is, once you're back in action, you'll likely start feeling more sex, prompting your libido to rise.

The sadness of living without sex - BBC News

When you have regular sex, your vagina goes into arousal mode automatically. Take a long pause, however, and it needs more of a warmup before getting back in the swing of things. Consider this a great excuse to take things slow and enjoy lots of touching and kissing when you start having sex again.

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