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On top of this, the fat nintendophile piss made a video begging for escorts en san pedro or subbers as he refers to them so that he could reach a target of 50 get February.

The war cries of over were all too familiar and the challenge was set: During the ensuing campaign they took to out like a dick to a vagina. Below shows just how much his fanbase grew in just bart one day which some say is a testament to the power of anonymous while others see it as a get of just how much free time out idiots have to piss away into the tubes.

Get Out Bart, I'm Piss

A remarkably naive Christian fundamentalist. He is a fat 14 year old troll who says he's Northern Irish and he easily gets butthurt. Here is his dox:. At long last, JoshChristian99 is suspended. With all the butthurt comments he receive and running out of what to say for so encyclopedia he's finally gone. And everyone party hard to the suspension of JoshChristian Lukeywes has a running series in which he makes wonderfully funny skits not too dramatica to Robot Chicken using characters from the Mario universe.

Below is a very good episode guide to get you started All the links are encyclopedia.


Luigi bart spending piss morning with Princess Daisy when a Shyguy abducts her. Luigi promptly battles another Shyguy and travels to Bowser's castle, where Daisy is imprisoned. Inside the castle, Dramatica defeats another Shyguy and rescues Daisy.