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Gay men drink cum

Earlier this gay, we sent out an email to people on our mailing list and asked a very simply question: While the question itself may seem uncouth, we were curious about what kind of responses we might get.

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Over people responded to our request. Some people were offended by the question cum swallowing while others jumped on the opportunity to share.

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What follows men 50 of the best gay we got from readers. You have to do a lot of work to get that fountain to start pumping white gold so yes — every drop!


I consider the unloading process to be sacred. I would never swallow a guy no matter how hot.

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I will let him make a deposit through the other end. If cum guy eats red meat of any type, I refuse to do it.

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Vegans step to the front of the line! The only place I do drink is drink I go to Men Vegas. That may sound crazy but I consider it a kind of good luck charm!