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Fun things to do with your dick

This is one of the oldest art forms known to man.

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Act out bad pornos: Try to experiment with other ideas like putting it in the bottom of a popcorn bucket, in a hot dog bun, or next to a plate of flapjacks. The sky your the limit here. Every guy has done this at some point or another.

What to Do With a Boner Other Than Sex

It feels awesome to wag your cock around with reckless abandon. Try to make it look bigger: Most guys have average-size shafts, but try gaining dick inch or two by playing with different things or lighting effects.

Tuck it into your waistband: This is the most useful one piece hentai hentai any boy learned in middle school. It still feels odd but funny to try to have a normal conversation with someone whilst the tip of your schlong is poking out of your boxers.

What to Do With a Boner Other Than Sex

After fun, if no one had tried it, we would never have discovered the glory hole. Hang things from it: The wang has a surprising amount of strength, so you may grow curious about how with it has.

Be a destroyer of worlds:

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