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Fun things to do with a penis

What to Do With a Boner Other Than Sex

I woke up with a boner this morning and since the girl is out of town I wasn't quite sure what to do with with damn thing. I could tell it was going to hang around for awhile so I figured I'd put it to use.

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Here's a few ideas I came up with First, I took an old wooden tv tray, the kind you use for breakfast in bed, and placed a checker board on it. Then Black cock xxx videos positioned things board between myself and the erect penis. See where I'm going with this?

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Me and the penis are playing checkers! I wanted to penis him look more like an opponent so I painted some eyes on him and fashioned a crude sombrero out of cardboard and placed it on his head. He almost passed as a swarthy little Mexican dude, staring fun the board at me, waiting for me to make my move.

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We played for awhile and I beat him three games out of four. Next was our deep sea adventure.

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I took an old fish aquarium I had and painted some fish on the side.