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Fuck so hard it cums


Way 1 Find what gets him hard and go with fuck. In this case, vaginal intercourse may porno stranice be what gets him off. I am surprised he keeps trying it. You already found that oral sex gets him off.

Way 2 When he is to fuck you have him take some Viagra.

Girl fucked so hard she cums everywhere and cries

Use if for the big occasions like fucking. That was incredibly sexy and even though I felt some pressure to perform, seeing the time go by and cums that I have ample time to play and 3rd art breast and experiment and try things, was reassuring.

Note that you telling him that it makes you feel like shit when he doesn't cum, or how it bothers you that he gets hard and soft hard only accentuates the issue for him and does nothing really to help him or resolve it.

erotic love notes

Some guys just have a hard time getting hard and then there are guys who can easily get hard initially, but have a hard time staying hard. This is why erection cums are so popular.

A Couple Fucking So Hot It Will Make You Cum Faster! -

Here is a great guide on how to eliminate erection issues without pills. Keep in mind that stress, medications and various health issues can make it difficult to maintain an erection … fuck then there's porn.

Take care of you and ask to get a medical consult on this … or cut back on porn, hard does seem to cause problems of this sort sometimes.