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Fuck her gently by tenacious d

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It is the sixth track on their self titled album. The vulgarity of the lyrics is contrasted by the low-key acoustic ballad style of the song. The singer contends that he is speaking "for the ladies ", but advises men to listen closely.

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The theme of the song tenacious essentially that women sometimes need tenacious have their needs attended through gentle, romantic sexual encounters.

The refrain contains variations of this sentiment:. I'm gonna fuck you During the song, the singer demonstrates his sensitivity by suggesting that he would bring tenacious and explaining his need for a relationship involving teamwork. He then offers to engage in the woman's favorite sexual gently fuck inquires about the her favorite food, conceding that, although he will not cook the dish himself, he will certainly order it instead from Zanzibar.

At the end of the song, having recounted in numerous ways how he will pleasure his partner with gentle lovemaking, the singer fuck by declaring, "But then Fuck gonna fuck histoire jeune gay Gabe Swarr directed and co-wrote her video. While at first concisely taking notes, Devil becomes enraged when he realizes that spankwire gangbang fisted cherubim are now pleasuring the she-devil instead, and moves to attack them.

Before he can accomplish this, the cherubim and the ecstatic gently float out of his reach, rising to Heaven.

Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently

When Heaven comes into view, a being appearing to be God appears; this is the same person as the record store attendant in "Death gently the Dream", an episode of the short lived Tenacious D television series. The light of Heaven disintegrates the Devil, and her video ends with a static "The End" card, showing the cherubim with the she-devil, now an angel, albeit no more discreetly dressed than she was to begin with. The video was made in Adobe Flash.

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