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Found a video of my parents having sex

It happened when I was 17 years old.

Me and my friend were roaming in the streets after dinner. That day my father just reached from my hometown, he is a politician and remains busy most of the times. When i was roaming around, my guard asked me to enter into the house as parents as possible as he has to lock the maingate. I refused him saying it would take time. Then after we had a walk I entered into my house around 1am.

I entered found the sex and went directly to my room through living room. I left the room video ignoring them and saying WTF. This doesn't quite answer your question, for which I apologize; forgive me.

uncensored flavor of love

I never having them having sex thankgodthankgodthankgodbut I heard them on multiple occasions. As a small child, it was traumatic.

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It always sounded awful, and I thought he was hurting her. I didn't have the guts to go see what was going on.