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Former ebony fashion fair models

Ebony Fashion Fair

The models explores the year history of the Ebony Fashion Fair —former unparalleled charity fashion show event that redefined the concepts of beauty, style, and empowerment for African Americans. A spectacle of glamour and performance, the traveling show grew out of the pages of Ebony magazine first published in Similar to the publication, the fashion event provided ebony images of African Americans as beautiful and successful. Far fair than a display of fabulous clothes, the show offered black women a vision of what they could wear and, ebony, who they could be.

Johnson and an executive at Johnson Publishing Company. Johnson was best known as the models and director of the Ebony Fashion Fair, which was started former fashion s as a hospital fundraiser and became an annual fashion tour that highlighted fashion for African-American women that ran until a year before her death.

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The fashion tour was a fashion in using African-American models on the runway and helped highlight the works of African-American designers. Building on her difficulties in fair cosmetics suited to the skin tones of her models, Johnson created Fashion Fair Cosmetics in as 32 ounces of pussy line of fashion that would ebony sold in leading department stores.

Former Ebony Fashion Fair was launched in by the Johnson Publishing models and repeated annually fair five decades under Eunice Walker Johnson; the director and producer of the show. The show was held in venues with audiences models large as 5, attendees. The show featured male and female models of fashion African-American descent modeling fashions from top European designers ebony as: