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Foot sexual reflexology

Sexual Reflexology

You may have a stable partner or you have a new friend you want to share a good time. If you find yourself in the afternoon in a quiet and intimate place We are causing a very pleasant physical contact with the other person This is what you need to have reflexology unforgettable night!

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The feet reflexology a sex revolution playboy of foot body reflexology which the people does not usually give him importance, but nevertheless, do not let anyone touch their feet. So you have to keep in mind that before a foot massage you sexual to build trust sexual then a minimum of appointments How long do I have to use in massage?


It is important for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 50 minutes. The main objective is that the other person can relax and show your love with the magic of your hands! It is very important to play relaxing music If you foot good speakers Use them!

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Quality is important, not the power You can always use the phone directly with any video or music streaming. Forget all the music that comes from the nature, type: It is foot music massage or Spanish guitar.