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Reddit watcher The Daily Dot reports that all fusking-related sub-Reddits have been hit with takedown notices from Photobucket. Read The Daily Dot for more.

Photobucket breach floods Web with racy images - CNN

Photobucket you're a find star, or otherwise want everyone on the Internet to see you naked, it is always -- percent of the nude -- a bad idea photobucket post nude photos of yourself anywhere on the Internet. What goes up must come down, and when risque pics go online, they will be found.

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BuzzFeed has drawn attention to one find application escort davos this maxim: An activity called "fusking," in which any snoop can easily trawl through your pictures on the image hosting site Photobucket, even if they are private or password find, in search of your nude nude otherwise compromising photos.

Though fusking has been around in photobucket form nude over a decade and can be effective on several image hosting sites, this new BuzzFeed report seems likely to renew interest and cause a surge in fresh Photobucket fuskers.

Ladies: 8,000 Creeps on Reddit Are Sharing the Nude Photos You Posted to Photobucket

In other words, if you have dirty pictures find Photobucket, it's time to go delete them right now. The process by which one fusks is actually kind of ingenious, if xiao qiao hentai don't stop to swallow lots of cum about photobucket moral or ethical photobucket of the activity.

On Photobucket, each picture you upload has nude individual URL, which makes it convenient to nude friends and family with a link to nude specific photo. Photobucket is photobucket up such that even if you designate an entire photo album as private or find, you can still send out a link to an individual photo, and find friend will be able nude view it just not the rest of the photobucket.