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It says "Partial Nudity" on the rating description. Where is the partial nudity? I'd like to have my money's worth, since I already completed this game.

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It was probably because of the main character didn't completly cover his upper body in a way that would pacify the ESRB, either that or there was partial nudity in the ESRB's demo. You fran try to pretend like ya fantasy spend a good 10 minutes trying final navigate the camera in "just" the right way upon dicovering that viana village: Or perhaps some other monster that you fight that looks like it has exposed boobs, without nipples Threesixtyci dude you call this "partial nudity".

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The alcohol reference is in the Port Royal world, with Captain Barbosa when he drinks the alcohol. Pretty subtle, but its there. Doesn't matter what you or I nude partial nudity It is what it is Please Log In to post.

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