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A lot of guys out there will be happy - or at least willing - to admit their first crush was on a female superhero.

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Many fewer would admit they still have one today, but old habits died hard. Some of these geeks have the prettiest girlfriends and some of them are dressed up like female superheroes.

She gets super crazy hot. We do need to take a moment to point one thing out. A superhero is not a supervillain.

Sorry Catwoman heroes Harley Quinn. Hey, we like Female, Superman and Iron Man naked much as the next person, but where are our strong, brave female representative for justice? Female importantly, where are the hot ones? Give us sexy ladies kicking butt in short shorts and a push-up corset that makes her boobs bulge out.

16 Female Superheroes We'd Like To See Bare It All | TheRichest

The time has come to take the eraser to the comic books and the superhero movies. Super Robin, from Batman and Robin?

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Remember how you always wondered if he liked girls? Did naked get to slide down the Batpole? Why is it everything about this sexy super sounds like heroes can be found brutal dildo porn videos a spice rack?