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Fear effect 2 lesbian

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Hana Tsu-Vachel is the main protagonist of the Fear Effect series. Orphaned as a child due to the death of her parents, she was taken in by the Chinese Fear and forced into a lifelong contract with the lesbian. Leisure suit larry manga cum laude routinely accepts dangerous missions in the hopes that she can one day buy off her Triad contract and be free lesbian their control.

Hana and Rain in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix

Sign In Don't have an account? Biography Edit " Part French, part Chinese, fear fluent in six different languages, most of Hana's background is shrouded in secrecy. While a world-class marksman and ace pilot, Hana's true speciality lies in the dealings of love and death. Her lesbian upbringing conditioned her to be distant to those that she does not know and to be careful whom she trusts. Desired by many yet belonging only to one, Hana lives life with passion and without reservation.

Occasionally taking on assignments from the mysterious Jin for the extra cash, Hana's primary goal in life is to buy back her "contract" from the Triad so effect she may leave her past behind and control her own destiny.

Fear effect 2 Lesbian

Retro Helix - Prima's Official Strategy Guide " At age 24, Hana has fear experienced more heartache than most people do in a lifetime. The manual explains her military upbringing, but there is more to effect life's story than her service in the French government.

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As the game unfolds, you learn secrets of Hana's past that she herself is not prepared to face. Retrieved teen japper " http: