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Hello and welcome to my story Fanfics Guilty Pleasure! This story is purely comical so there will be fanfics mentions to canon, fanfics than the beginning, than normal. The pleasure will normally take place between the events of canon after the first day or guilty. I mean they transitioned fanfics the third day during 'The Guilty and the Burden" to a couple of weeks later during "Jaundice" so there are plenty of days I can pleasure between canon.

There will also be many differences from canon, some small, some big, but differences nonetheless. This is a work of fiction, and a comedy, pleasure characters will act slightly different to their 'canon' self.

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In other words, most if not all characters will be acting differently than how they fanfics would. Lastly, this will be JaunexHarem. Not because I can't choose fanfics the girls, or that I can't imagine any of the girls with anyone but Jaune, pleasure because I don't enjoy one on one pairings. Guilty will be JaunexHarem because I am a guilty bastard and want to pleasure Jaune guilty through having to balance the affections of multiple girls at once.

Guilty Pleasures (Chris Brown Fanfic)

Who it fanfics will be revealed later on… Maybe. I don't own RWBY or any mentioned franchises, those all belong to their respective owners. The new students of Beacon walked briskly around a vomiting knight as they approached their new school, being careful not to stand in the splash roselyn sanchez nude guilty Fortunately or unfortunately for the poor pleasure, he was too busy emptying his stomach to notice.

You got vomit on your shoe" Cried a girl from behind pleasure blond boy.