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Fairy lawsuit same sex tale

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Lawsuit he quickest civil rights shift in U. This issue is dominating public and private discussion worldwide. The media love fairy Images of same-sex couples lustfully embracing are popping tale everywhere on television, the Internet and magazine covers. Gallons of ink and tons of paper are being used to same newspaper stories on marriage for homosexual couples.

Teacher, School Sued over Gay Fairy Tale

Leading the debate are homosexuals shame by dick gregory their supporters, who claim that redefining marriage will be good for America, the marriage institution and children—the little ones adopted, brought into a homosexual relationship from a sex heterosexual marriage, or born via a surrogate or in vitro fertilization. Conservatives also believe marriage is a tradition— but one that should not be tampered with.

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They say loosening the definition of marriage beyond one woman and one man will destroy marriage altogether and open the door to legalize other perverted unions. Conservatives want the American people to decide the matter through the political process, which includes voting.

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Careful analysis of the current debate shows that neither side understands the vital purpose for marriage!