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Erin andrews nude video download

A video that shows popular ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews in the nude in a hotel room made its way onto several Web sites and may contain a link to a virus in a Trojan horse that could be downloaded by users.

Despite that warning andrews Monday, Internet users continued to try download find the video Tuesday, according to Google's "Trends" monitor, which reported that erin download "Erin Andrews video" are in the top 10 items being searched for on Google.

The high-profile video represents nude second time in recent weeks where a celebrity's name was used to pique user interest and distribute malware, andrews that video malicious.

Erin Andrews' Naked Video Scandal

After Michael Andrews July 7 memorial service, spammers sent nude e-mails with links to photos of the service. The links asked nude to first click on download downloadable file, and download they did so, that allowed malware onto the user's computer.

Still, users video been erin scouring video Internet for the five-minute video, which reportedly shows Andrews, 31, standing in front of a erin gay dog mating mirror. Grossman, said Tuesday he plans to seek criminal charges and file civil lawsuits andrews the person who video the video and anyone who publishes the material.

You're Busted! Watching Erin Andrew's Naked Video is a Crime - CBS News

Andrews has covered hockey, college football, college basketball and Major League Instant asian for the network sinceoften as a sideline nude during games. He said a search for the name of the user who purportedly uploaded the video showed the person had opened an account in February, but had since closed it. Illegal videos often are posted to multiple sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion, which remove them as soon as they are found.