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Draco hermione rescued spank

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This is actually a standalone follow-up to my 'Growing On Me. I put it in a separate story because the rating is so different. This is another one from the Harry Potter Discipline list. Harry underscore Hermione underscore Discipline at yahoogroups dot com.

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This is a public service announcement: When you PM people to give them your email, the server WILL delete email addresses if you use the standard format, so you have to write the "dot" out as a word. This is draco spanking story, pure and simple, complete with the fanon cliche that Severus is Draco's godfather.

Draco Hermione rescued Spank

If spanking isn't your thing, I suggest you click 'Back' now, rescued this story doesn't contain much of anything else. It's the kind of stuff I would write as a kid and BURN - I couldn't rip it up on the off-chance that my parents would find the pieces in the wastebasket. Anyone else had that experience? And now I'm spank it on the Internet for everyone to read.

New law? *Completed*

He still couldn't quite believe that the uncharacteristically savage whipping Potter and Weasley had endured at his own hands had been the result of Draco Malfoy's charming the school cane to deliver a punishment more suited for draco criminals.

Rescued had been aware that Lucius' son was arrogant and haughty, but he had had spank idea that the boy, who was after hermione his godson, could be fully fashioned stockings footjob deliberately cruel.

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But hearing the boy taunting them after their punishments, gloating over his crime, had been more than enough to convince him.