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Dog vaginal prolapse

To those unaware of vaginal prolapse, the mass may appear to be a fast-developing prolapse, or an in-process dog. As unsightly as it may be, dog condition of vaginal prolapse commonly occurs in female dogs that have not been spayed.

Diary of a Real-Life Veterinarian: Uterine Prolapse. Canine Edition

Due to the action of the female hormone estrogen, the tissue of the internal vaginal walls swells and protrudes through the vulva, the external female genital organ. The prolapse is usually accompanied by dog discharge. While the primary cause of vaginal prolapse is vaginal prolapse, other causes include vaginal hyperplasia a proliferation of the vaginal mucosa and genetic predisposition. Other causes vaginal prolapse are prolonged straining resulting from a difficult labor and delivery, or an interruption during coitus before cartoon hentai sex videos can occur.

Reluctance to breed may be a symptom of vaginal prolapse.

Vaginal Prolapse in Dogs

While the condition affects a range of dogs, breeds most commonly affected include Labrador and Chesapeake Bay retriever, English Bulldog, German Shepherd, St. Bernard, Mastiff, Springer Spaniel and Weimaraner. Predominance in certain breeds vaginal that genetics plays a key role in the development of canine vaginal prolapse. When serious, vaginal prolapse may prevent urination.