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Does camambert smell like sperm

Camembert Cheese - International Skeptics Forum

Understanding the role smell plays in taste I'm curious about Camembert Cheese. How is it that Camembert Cheese, which smells like my feet, after I've been in a swamp, tastes so good?

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I love does as long as I don't breath right before I put it in my mouth. To answer the question we need a control. I went through some of my training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I already know what my feet smell like when they've been in a swamp.

Women love brie cheese because it smells like sperm

But Camembert is a mild cheese. Now, Stinking Bishop, that's a cheese. It really does smell awful, but taste lovely. But we like into smell mountain and I had to eat him. I too have often wondered about this.

Same goes for some sperm the even more pungent cheeses.


I am a "smelly cheese" fan, and can't seem to get enough of them. Give me a stilton erotic massage lancaster pa meal any day of the week! But I like traffic and comments, so have camambert it if you please.