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Dick van dyke death hoax

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Dick Van Dyke is still alive? But you get the feeling that the universe isn't particularly jazzed about dyke. He was just rescued from a burning car. It burst into flames as van was driving along the Ventura freeway in Los Angeles, and he was rescued by a group of off-duty nurses who apparently found him slumped over the steering wheel.

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Soon afterwards he tweeted a photo of the melted wreckage along with the caption: An accident like that would have done most people in. Yes, but this is Dick Van Dyke we're death about. He cheats death on a daily basis. This sort of thing has happened before? You don't remember the porpoise incident?

Dick Van Dyke: the actor who keeps cheating death

InDick Hoax Dyke fell asleep on his surfboard and woke up surrounded by a swirl of circling fins. He felt the chill of his own mortality sweep through him. But it's OK, he said, because "they turned out to be porpoises, and they pushed me dick the way to shore".

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Dick Van Dyke is unkillable.