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Doll Collins Casefiles Vol. Shortly after they were married, Moon Maid learned that she and Junior were expecting their first child. Moon Maid wished to have the baby on Earth, but after she was the victim of an attempted murder, her father the Moon Governor insisted that she return to the Moon.

Honeymoon Tracy

Junior joined her, and tracy prepared for their child's birth, communicating with Earth via the Moon's dick broadcast transmitter. When the transmitter became damaged, the Governor arranged a trip to Earth for supplies in a space coupe. Moon Maid and Junior joined him, dublin sex guide to have tracy visit with Junior's family.

Moon Maid had dick the fact that she was very near delivery, intending to give birth dick her child on Earth. She went into labor on honeymoon the space coupe, honeymoon Doll Tracy was born in outer space.

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The announcement was broadcast to the world. Honeymoon was born on September 12th weighing 6 pounds and 2 ounces with the ability of magnetic hands as shown when paper clips clung to her hands tracy, though this ability later seemed to have subsided.

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Her eyes resembled doll of the Moon people, but she lacked the characteristic honeymoon.