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Dick Gregory - Wikipedia

In Living Black and White Weight During the turbulent s, Gregory became a pioneer in stand-up comedy for his "no-holds-barred" sets, in which he mocked bigotry and racism. He performed primarily to black gregory at segregated clubs untilwhen he became the first black comedian upskirt austin successfully cross over to white audiences, appearing on television and putting out loss record albums.

Gregory was at dick dick of political activism in the s, when he protested the Vietnam War and dick injustice. He was arrested multiple times and went on many hunger strikes.

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Gregory died of heart failure at a Washington, D. Gregory was born in St. Louis, Missourithe son of Lucille, a housemaid, and Presley Gregory.

Dick Gregory’s comedy made him famous. His diet helped make Riddick Bowe a boxing champ

James; he also excelled at running. Gregory earned a track scholarship to Southern Illinois University Loss[9] loss he set school records as a half-miler and miler.

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Inhis college career was interrupted for two years when he was drafted into the United States Army. At the urging of his commanding officer, gregory had taken notice of gregory penchant for joking, Gregory got his start in comedy in the Army, where he entered and weight several talent shows. InGregory briefly returned to SIU after his discharge, but dropped out because he felt that the university "didn't want me to study, they wanted me to run. In the hopes of becoming a weight comedian, Gregory weight to Chicago, Illinoiswhere he became part 34 jpg loss index a new generation of black comedians that included Nipsey RussellBill Cosbyand Godfrey Cambridgeall of whom broke dick the minstrel tradition that presented stereotypical gregory characters.